Flag dress from Arnhem for Europe

Arnhem – Without a doubt people will certainly sit up and take notice in Brussels. In about 8 days time 212 regions from 33 countries in Europe will be presenting themself in the hope of being awarded a subsidy. And you’d better believe the Arnhem Nijmegen City Region will leave an unforgettable impression thanks to the EU dress designed by Studio Unicps in Arnhem.

Studio Unicps fashion designers remodelled the European flag, creating an elegant dress using every inch of the material.
“To us this is an example of what the creative economy is all about,” they say. For the past 10 years Studio Unicps has been making dresses from flags. Reactions to their designs have always been positive. For them this has become a new way of presentation. Even civil servants working for the Arnhem county council agree. Using a symbol like a flag actually provides a great logo to present yourself with.

The delegates from Arnhem and Nijmegen will be bringing 4 dresses with them. Two made from the flags from both cities’ flags and one from the regional flag. Undisputed eyecatcher is the EU robe that will be presented to EU commissioner Danuta Hubner.

By Martin Hermens from De Gelderlander